Update Tax Periods using Suitescripts

How to get and set tax period information values using suitescript.

Below snippet is really helpful for NetSuite script writers . They will understand how we can get tax period  information using the NetSuite record API’s3-Tax Periods

Saturo developed ERPLY – NetSuite Connector

Saturo has developed ERPLY – NetSuite Connector  successfully.

ERPLY is retail management software based on cloud and real time point of Sale software. This software covers point of sale, back office operations, inventory management and many more in a single integrated System. Mode of operations are both offline and online. Flexible to operate via web access and sync data later upon re connection. Scalable barcode gives the speed to payment transactions.

Our ERPLY to NetSuite connector provides easy way to integrate ERPLY with NetSuite and help retailers to organize each aspect of their business.


  1. Sync Items (Inventory items) from NetSuite account to ERPLY POS.
  2. Sync customers from ERPLY POS to NetSuite account.( Reward points management will also be taken care of)
  3. Sync POS transactions (e.g. Tax Invoice/Credit Tax Invoice) with NetSuite’s transaction records (e.g. Invoice/Credit Memo/Customer Payment/Customer Refunds).
  4. Excellent error handling report (Easy to understand).
  5. Auto syncing of failure transactions after issue resolutions if any issue arises.
  6. Reporting for item syncing, customer and invoices.
  7. Direct communication of NetSuite to ERPLY. There is no middle ware used which make it faster than other connectors.
  8. Sync interval is 15 minutes from ERPLY to NETSUITE and real time syncing from NETSUITE to ERPLY.


  1. Customers are created in ERPLY POS and auto created in NetSuite.
  2. Invoices (Tax Invoice/Credit Tax Invoice) created in ERPLY POS and then auto created in NetSuite.
  3. On the basis of return quantities of invoices in ERPLY POS, credit memo and customer refund transactions are created in NetSuite.


  1. Items created in NetSuite are auto created in ERPLY POS. Updating or deleting of item in NetSuite will result in updating or deleting of item in ERPLY respectively.
  2. Updating of item prices in NetSuite will result in updating of item prices in ERPLY POS.

Saturo is listed in 25 Most Promising Cloud Computing Companies

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With your great support Saturo is listed in “Top 25 Most Promising Cloud Computing Companies “.

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